Thanks for stopping by to check out 3 Bays Studio! We can offer the serious musician the ability to make music and create in an environment that is comfortable and affordable without sacrificing quality. We have a large main room for drums,with a DW drum kit that offers superb drum sounds, as well as 3 isolation booths that are comfortable and ventilated to work in. We can track 5-6 band members at once and achieve a level of isolation that only the very expensive studios offer,while capturing the real "live" feel of musicians playing together. We have recorded albums that have recieved international acclaim, ie:Downbeat Magazine's top ten album pics for 2006 for Guy Davis's "Skunkmello" also "Legacy" was chosen by National Public Radio as one of it's top 10 cd's in 2004 and also had one of the top ten tunes from this album as well. This is a small sample of the quality you can expect when you are here. Please call or email me to discuss your project.

- Milt Costakis